Our Story

Owner and founder, Mark Dickinson started out as a gourmet chef and really enjoyed the art of the culinary. Mark enjoys the arts in general, whether it be music, food, paintings or anything else. While Mark was still working as a successful full time culinary chef, he began to gain interest in using plaster indoors to texturize.

Where there is busy, there is a need for more people; Mark created a crew of hand selected, stellar individuals to help him along his Dickinson Painting journey. Dickinson Painting has been in business since 2002, but what’s even more significant is that every one of our team leaders each have at least 12-15 years’ experience themselves. What this means for our clients is that when we do a job we get it done right the first time around.

Mark started noticing himself working in client’s homes and businesses and his eye for beauty started to stray outside the painting. Mark started noticing how small masonry things could really spruce up the exterior. Mark would go up to a client’s property and immediately see the entire picture as though it was already done. Mark started sharing his ideas with his client’s and this is where MDD Masonry was born and he obtained the license, bonding and insurance to do so properly.

Shortly thereafter Mark got his additional ROC licenses to do irrigation, hardscape, softscape and landscape. MDD Masonry not only is a full licensed, bonded and injured masonry company, but also licensed in interior ad exterior painting. Call (602) 214-1138 to make your project look great! https://mddmasonry.com/ With the combination of services, Dickinson Enterprises, LLC took precedence over Dickinson Painting and MDD Masonry and actually became the umbrella to combine the accumulative services. Dickinson Enterprises, LLC is driven to succeed through synergy: “the parts together are exponentially greater than they are by themselves.” In other words, working with our clients as a team we can accomplish more together than we would separately.The marriage between Dickinson Painting and MDD Masonry began.

Dickinson Enterprises, LLC Mark is extremely passionate about everything he does. Dickinson Enterprises was born out of a need because Mark started out being a licensed & bonded painting contractor in Phoenix, and Peoria, AZ, but began to see the need for so many more services such as MDD masonry, concrete, landscape, irrigation, and more. Mark holds every license needed for everything Dickinson Enterprises does, so you can rest assured your home and family are protected when the Dickinson Enterprises crew comes out to your home for any of the home services offered.

Dickinson Enterprises provides custom masonry work which includes building bock walls, brickwork, outdoor barbecue areas, fireplaces & fire pits, repairing storm damage caused. We design and create beautiful landscaping, hardscaping services and irrigation.
We paint all things, interior and exterior– including your entire house if you want!

We are ROC licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.